PaulJon gave a speech to the Caritas Malta

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April 28, 2017
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September 20, 2017

PaulJon gave a speech to the Caritas Malta

Last Friday, PaulJon was a guest during a session provided by the Caritas Malta where he made a speech re his background and the book narratives.

He explained the audience that it wasn’t easy the time he passed through from his early stages and still finding it difficult how people is seeing him in our normal life.

This experience taught him that he needs to be strong and fight against all odds. This is how we keep going.


  1. AV says:

    Grazzi hafna talli gejt u tajt speech. hand hanna gost bik! Grazzi mill-gdid

  2. Hi PaulJon , just read your book , it is a very interesting book , can’t wait for next one , I’m very Impressed about your Gift in guiding people , wish to meet you , Nirvana

  3. Dear PaulJon , I started the cleansing with the crystal I bought from you , although I was abit confused that these things really work , but truly it has brought changes in my life , in my relationship and in my way of facing people , it has made changes and I will surely recommend your Crystals , I’m going to order another one for my partner , PaulJon you are truly Gifted xxx

  4. Hi PaulJon sorry late in my comments but I just got your information from facebook how to leave my comments , and finally I have the way through after so many weeks , PaulJon I have never meet you but I follow your Facebook updates which are very impressive , quite honestly I have been to several mediums in Malta but was disappointed , but I feel that you are different somehow , just reading your updates i feel the difference I’m hoping that soon I come to you and also would buy the book when it is out in english version , PaulJon I admire you alot , somehow you have locked me to follow you Sharon 🙂

  5. Hi PaulJon after receiving your message from facebook how I can leave a comment at your nice updated WebSite , I’m sending it to let you know that I support what you do , I like your Youtube videos and I hope that soon can be seeing you back on Tv , I have never meet you but looking forward to meet you in the coming weeks and buying the book as it seems very interesting book as my friend have bought it , but if you have a version with your face please leave me one , I will contact you this weekend , I’m a very admire of yours 🙂 xxx Anne

  6. Finally I can leave my comment to you PaulJon , how sweet you are and I’m looking forward to meet you , I just saw your Facebook update how to leave the comment on your WebSite and I told my friends as well that have read your book not that only but every Sunday we all gather up to read your fantastic page , the one you do at Illum newspaper , how much interesting is your horoscope , quite honestly I do read a lot of horoscopes but yours are much different , how you come to much detail about your writings wish to meet you and have a talk with you , Great Website PaulJon xxxxxxx Nicole

  7. PaulJon you are a great gifted person , wish to meet you , secret admire 🙂

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