About PaulJon

An Insight to PaulJon D Spiritualist

The intention of this page is to give you a better insight into the background of my spiritual mission and where all this is leading me to. I strongly believe that my path is a gift from our loving spirits that dwell all around us, and I am simply a messenger who is tiring his utmost to guide people towards a more positive life.

I came from a very humble family. When my father returned to Malta from England, he was eventually lucky enough to find a job as a guardian of the military cemetery located at Kalkara. This job also offered my parents accommodation as they could live in a small house that that was located in cemetery grounds. To them, this was a great start and they accepted this blessing with joy. I was born three years later, on a very stormy day in June. The day of my birth is not just a simple day in astrology as any person who is born on the 13th of any month means that that person had very powerful spiritual energy.

To explain facts better, my father was born on the 30th September whilst my mum on the 29th September. This means that they are both Libra and both have the element of Air. Since I was born on the 13th June, and June is part of Gemini, I am a pure Gemini under the element of Air. This makes the 3 of us very unique as we all fall under the same element of Air, which in Astrology has a very powerful significance.

The date of the passing of my parents is also in itself extremely significant. My father passed away on the 31st of January in the Aquarius sign. My mother passed away on the 27th September in the Libra sign putting them both again under the same element of Air. Such combinations in astrology, give a more powerful positive energy in the spiritual world which provided a greater gifted guidance to my mission.

My first encounter with the spiritual world happened at the age of seven. This experience totally changed my life. By the age of 13, I had yet another experience. It was around that time that I felt that I had the calling to priesthood. This calling was so strong that I felt the urge to purify myself by refraining from eating meat, drinking alcohol, smoking and having sex.

The more I studied the Holy Scriptures the more my mind questioned. Little by little, my doubts in the faith became so strong that after spending several years as a member of the MUZEW, and many others following the path to priesthood, the only viable option was to move away from this calling as I strongly believed that blind faith is imperative in the life of a priest.

At the age of 27, whilst having a coffee at a cafeteria, I was approached by a British medium. He me, he told me that he had been observing me for a while. Very unexpectedly, he started to describe the very same emotions that I was feeling at that moment. This came as a shock as such encounters are not a common occurrence. When questioned about how he knew about my deepest feeling, he replied ‘I can feel you as you can feel others’. He explained that I had a strong spiritual gift hidden deep within me and that he wished to guide me along this path. He offered to cover my travelling costs so that I could travel to England to start practicing how to harness this spiritual gift that had been inside in for so long.

Once in England, I meet some of his friends who were very willing to hear all that I had to say about myself. In the following days, I also had several meetings with various members from the paranormal circle. It was then that they decided that I should be given a test to show how strong my gift of guidance really was.

I was therefore invited to their meeting place, where I was asked to reveal details about the past and present lives of 12 random people that where present in the room. This was not a hard task to do as I had done such readings in Malta to many of my friends. I was told that not only had I passed this test with flying colors but also that I was chosen to remain in England where I would continue to strengthen this gift of guidance. I remained in England for 5 years. I was given the opportunity to meet with propionate mediums, paranormal physicians and several other members from the paranormal circle. It was at this than that it was concluded that I was to be known as ‘’ PaulJon D Spiritualist‘’. From that point onwards, I got involved deeper in the spiritual world.

At the age of 33, I experienced a deep encounter with my spiritual guide. The spiritual guide is the spirit that is always around me to protect and lead me. During this encounter, I was able to hear and experience several sensations that I had never experienced before. The outcome of the encounter also enhanced the communication with other loving spirits that also wanted to communicate with me. During the 4 following years, I deepened my levels of meditation and got closer to my spiritual guide. My guidance readings sessions done to close friends reviled even more details than ever before. I also started conducting cleansings sessions both on humans and in houses or locations that needed positive cleansing.

When my father passed away, it was a very hard and sad moment, as I had not only lost a loving father but also a friend that had been there for me through thick or thin. The grieving caused me to shut the world out and remain at home for 5 month. During this time, I prayed and meditated deeply with the hope of hearing my father’s voice once again. After 33 days, I was not only blessed by hearing him talk to me but I also felt that my energy had reached an even higher level. I now not only had a second spiritual guide but I had one that happened to be the spirit of my loving father.

In 2013, my mother was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. I took the tough decision to stopping from my consultancy sessions and tend to her needs all day and night. I decided to start a preparation process that would help her to arrive to the last moment on this earth without any pain. Although doctors had said that she had only a few days to live, with the help of my prayers and deep healing meditations, she lived for a bit more than 9 months with no pain. She met her maker on the 27th September at noon, just 36 hrs before her birthday. Although she is not with us physically, she is now a very powerful spirit in the spiritual world and not only gives me guidance in my day to day life, but also provides my clients with prayers that help them through difficult moments in life.

Once again, the grieving for her loss caused me to shut the world out and remain at home for 7 months. During this time, I prayed and meditated deeply with the hope of making contact with her. The moment that the contact was made, my life changed completely. A complete triangle was formed. This triangle consists of my guardian spirit together with my father’s and mother’s spirit. This unity gave my life has completely new dimension.

I had never imagined that I would begin to write books about the spiritual world or that I would start writing horoscope articles on a local newspaper or even that I would be interviewed during various television programmes.

When I reflect about how I started my journey thinking that I had the call for priesthood and ended up as a messenger or better still a bridge between the human and spiritual world, I now fully understand the responsibilities of the path that I have chosen.

Naturally, this way of life is sometimes hard and hectic, but with the love and positive energy that my spirits give me, I feel stronger and more determined to continue onto this chosen path. This energy also gives me the courage to make myself willingly available to face new challenges so that hopefully people may understand the immense difference between what is commonly called ‘tax-xorti’ and the true essence of being a spiritualist.